coverfront-lorezEx-Army ranger Bunny Baneful is ready to kill to be genetically cured of vampirism, and she travels the country to uncover the research that will allow vampires to reclaim their humanity. She compels Kathy, a high school girl risking her life to rescue her boyfriend, held capttive by vampires, to join the quest. These determined women must outwit agents of the Department of Homeland Security who believe killing blood addicts will be less costly than curing them. They must also fight Bunny’s half-brother Bart and his Satanic Legion, who are equally determined to bury the cure for vampirism and all who search for it. A Kirkus reviewer wrote that Schechter’s previous novel, Ethics of the Undead, was “beautifully refined, intelligent and profound.” This new, fast-paced adventure novel is even better, with larger-than-life characters, surprising plot twists and tongue-in-cheek humor.

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