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In the small, peaceful town of Millbrook, Massachusetts, Addie Carter has single-handedly raised four children and now lives alone with her delinquent cat. But after Addie finds her next-door neighbor brutally murdered, there’s not a moment’s peace to be had. Everyone believes Addie knows more than she does. Or they want something from her – want it badly enough to ransack her house and hurt her cat.

  • Addie’s grandson wants a sensational story for the town paper and the Internet.
  • Her quirky best friend Bella wants in on the action.
  • A phony investigator demands the keys to the victim’s house.
  • A man Addie meets in a drugstore suddenly wants to be her boyfriend.
  • And a multi-millionaire who jilted her years ago now has designs on her daughter.

Although she has a staunch ally in her son George, a sergeant in the Millbrook Police Department, Addie believes that the town’s only functioning detective has the intelligence and sensitivity of a trash compactor. But playing detective isn’t Addie’s cup of tea, especially when she and Bella are run off the road, warned off by a paranoid and stunned by the suicide of a suspect. With her views of neighbors, friends and enemies turning upside down, Addie must even look at herself in a new light.