Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene Reviews Ethics of the Undead


I’m excited to share the latest review for Ethics of the Undead, which comes courtesy of Doug Holder at the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene, a great site for anyone in interest in that, well, scene.  Here’s a quote from his review:

The misdirection of Loren Schechter’s first sentence and what followed hooked me. The tempo with which the scene developed pulled me into the first chapter of Ethics of the Undead… On the whole Ethics of the Undead will fulfill the promise of this first chapter… So, even if you are, as I am, 4-5 times the age of the intended audience for Ethics of the Undead, you’ll probably get the next installment [to] know the how and why of [the protagonist’s] continuing adventure.

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By the way, I do know I promised my next post would be to share a writing technique I recently learned.  Don’t worry, that post is coming up.


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