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Ex-Army ranger Bunny Baneful is ready to kill to be genetically cured of vampirism, and she travels the country to uncover the research that will allow vampires to reclaim their humanity. She compels Kathy, a high school girl risking her life to rescue her boyfriend, held capttive by vampires, to join the quest. These determined women must outwit agents of the Department of Homeland Security who believe killing blood addicts will be less costly than curing them. They must also fight Bunny’s half-brother Bart and his Satanic Legion, who are equally determined to bury the cure for vampirism and all who search for it.

A Kirkus reviewer wrote that Schechter’s previous novel, Ethics of the Undead, was “beautifully refined, intelligent and profound.” This new, fast-paced adventure novel is even better, with larger-than-life characters, surprising plot twists and tongue-in-cheek humor.





Four normal teens are conned into scholarships to a charter school for vampires to fulfill a Department of Education diversity requirement. Can they escape before being bled and dead? Or sucked into the school’s chapter of the Satanic Legion?

Sixteen year-old Kathy is on the kill list of a Shoshone vampire who teaches Ethics for Bloodsuckers. Her pal Lionel is terrorized by his music teacher, an 18th century violinist who worked as a Mafia hit man so he could play at his victims’ funerals.

When Kathy’s boyfriend has his heart broken by a sharpened pool cue, she and Lionel are put on trial for murder. In a vampire court. With a kidnapped gymnastic team as the jury. All the kids face the same three choices: escape, die trying, or join the undead.

This novel will delight readers who thirst for humor in the vein of Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse novels. More than just a witty vampire tale, Ethics of the Undead is a story of friendship, resilience and sacrifice.



Murder in Millbrook


Murder in Millbrook is a light-hearted mystery which asks how well one really knows one’s friends and neighbors. Abandoned by an unfaithful husband, Addie Carter has raised four children in the 42 years she’s lived next door to dentist Herbert Elwood and his late wife Janet in Millbrook, Massachusetts. Now she is living as peacefully as her delinquent cat Flash will allow. But after Addie finds Herbert brutally murdered, there’s not a moment’s peace to be had. Everyone believes Addie knows more than she does. Or they want something from her – want it badly enough to ransack her house and hurt her cat. Addie thinks her small town’s bird-watching detective has the intelligence and sensitivity of a trash compactor. Even the victim’s three adult children would rather confide in their “Aunt” Addie than in the police, but that doesn’t seem right — what are they hiding? Certainly no more than the phony private investigator who demands the keys to Herbert’s house, the auto mechanic with a gang connection and a grudge, or even the multi-millionaire who jilted her years ago and now is going after her daughter and Herbert’s land. With the help of her policeman son George, her flamboyant friend Bella, and Joe Kearney, a would-be boyfriend were she to regain her trust in men, Addie plunges into the investigation. But playing detective isn’t Addie’s cup of tea, especially when she and Bella are run off the road, warned off by a paranoid and stunned by the suicide of a suspect. With her views of neighbors, friends and enemies turning upside down, Addie must even look at herself in a new light.


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